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The right information in the nick of time is what critical business decision makers need. With Thinklayer’s algorithms for Business Intelligence and analytics which empowers decision makers to take decisions. Explore the power of Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics with intuitive, easy to use, reporting dashboards for all your business needs.

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NOVEMBER 5, 2016

BI and Analytics for making business decisions, better!

War is ninety percent information. -Napoleon Bonaparte.   As Napoleon Bonaparte said, “War is ninety percent information” similarly for any organization understanding the market is more important than selling the product.   Why Business intelligence and analytics is a winning...

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NOVEMBER 18, 2016

6 Steps in Data Driven Decision Making!

Do you want to take most of your data? here are some hacks which will help you to take data driven business decisions efficiently.   IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEM OR OPPORTUNITY The number one step is to recognise a problem or...

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DECEMBER 9, 2016

7 Key features your BI & Analytics solution must have!

Are you thinking of implementing a Business Intelligence solution?   Implementation of Business Intelligence solution includes various steps and tools. Depending upon your requirement various analytical tools help you to take your important decisions through data analysis, analytical...

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DECEMBER 18, 2016

What is Business Intelligence?

What is Business Intelligence?   In the late 90s, business organizations or corporations found a strategy which worked like a charm in improving the overall operational efficiency of their company and it also helped in enhancing the business decision making...

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