Benefits of Implementing SAAS vs In-house BI Solution

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SaaS or In-house BI solution? Which one to adopt for your organization?If that is the question which is bothering you then keep on reading, because we have come up with a solution for your problem. But before reaching the answer, let’s talk about what each one of them means.

Saas, or Software as a service refers to the type of saas vs inhouseservices and applications offered via cloud to different organizations and clients over the internet. SaaS has made the life of organizations simpler as it is quick and easy to function.

For instance, earlier organizations or people would need to buy and install the entire software package to use the services that the software provides. This is no longer an issue with Saas.

SaaS uses cloud technology to store all the applications and services that the user wants to access. This gets rid of issues like installation, hardware requirements and  software licensing by a great amount.

A lot of famous organizations like Twitter and Facebook uses SaaS technology. SaaS has a ton of wonderful benefits that it offers to its clients.

In-house BI solution,however, refers to installing BI solution within your organization. BI solutions analyzes the raw data of your organization and helps you make better business decisions, which in turn, enhances your company’s performance.

BI solution offers variety of features that helps in improving the operational efficiency of an organization.

Now both the technologies, SaaS and In-house BI, have their pros and cons. But when compared, the pros of SaaS outmatched the pros of In-house BI solution.

Following are the top benefits of SaaS vs In-house BI that helps organization manage their business more effectively:

1. Lower cost

SaaS uses “pay for what you use” concept. In case there is a part of software that is not needed by your organization then you have a complete choice of paying only for the services that you want to avail. There is no need to pay for the entire software package. There are no additional hardware costs as there is no need for individual computer systems to install the software packages. All the services gets provided through cloud technology.

Also, there are no software installation costs. Updates are also done automatically without charging any money. So SaaS is  more cost-effective than in-house BI where the money gets spent in a lot of other areas like  data and server maintenance, human resources .etc.

2. Quick Installation

SaaS is very easy and fast to implement whereas BI solution takes up a long time to get implemented within an organization. SaaS takes up a few hours to install completely and is available to use for organizations. This helps organizations in getting their work done faster and more effectively. SaaS also allows experimentation for users, so that they can make sure that SaaS is something which is really suitable for their use, avoiding the issues of investment failures.

It is easy to install and use, thereby, increasing the working efficiency of an organization which leads to greater progress of a company.

3. Greater Adoption

SaaS gets adopted by organizations on a higher rate as opposed to in-house BI. And this is the scenario for a lot of reasons.
Firstly, SaaS is easy to access. It could be viewed from anywhere and at anytime. Whereas, there are great chances of access failures in case of in-house BI solution where there are individual on-site servers.

Secondly, SaaS is extremely easy to use, whereas in-house BI needs training of the employees to understand it better. And last but not the least, SaaS helps in faster sharing of data than in-house BI with the help of quick email services.

4. Complete responsibility is on vendors

SaaS offers complete service to its users. All the functionality is maintained by the SaaS vendor.
The responsibility of updating the software, and maintaining it for its efficient use is solely in the hands of a vendor. Also the infrastructure gets supplied by the vendor so there is no need to invest in infrastructure when using SaaS. Updating the software and its maintenance is very central for effectual functioning of a software, and as it gets done automatically by the vendors, it enhances the  overall performance of an organization. SaaS is also highly scalable and expandable so it could be broadened further to meet the growing demands and needs of an organization or a client.

So, this is how SaaS has overpowered in-house BI solution in today’s world. This must have put your doubts of implementing SaaS vs in-house BI technology to rest by now.
Organizations all across the globe are taking up SaaS and for the right reasons. SaaS has revolutionized the way organizations run their businesses, enhancing and boosting its growth, thereby, helping it leave its impact in the business world.



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