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War is ninety percent information.

-Napoleon Bonaparte.


As Napoleon Bonaparte said, “War is ninety percent information” similarly for any organization understanding the market is more important than selling the product.


Why Business intelligence and analytics is a winning strategy for companies/organisations?
Business intelligence and analytics has become the new science of winning for companies that are performance driven and analytics is more useful for business for quick and precise decision making. Having the right information at the right time is equivalent to the saying “A stitch in time saves nine”. Most of the organisations still follow manual management tools that hinder the progress of the employees and the organisations in making informed decisions.


59% companies make un-informed decisions.
Research claims that a major section of high-performance organisation have greater analytical/reasoning skills within their personnel, while 59% of the companies do not have opted proven business intelligence and analytics solutions required for decision making. The lack of know how about the use of these solutions and techniques to enhance business performance has become the biggest hindrance to adopt business analytics. But thanks to technology and the requirement of B2B market organisations have upgraded their competitive knowledge.


Make decisions anytime anywhere with business intelligence and analytics
The need for fast, complex data analysis has started to surpass what typical reporting delivers, the need for business analytics developed after finding out that the employees run a report and pull out the data to excel and then do their analysis, which meant they were redoing the task all over once more every quarter.

Well, business analytics is not for only data people it is meant for people who are engaged in different types of jobs in one organisation. Using analytics won’t need the employees to wait for someone to come and explain what they are looking for. In fact they will be capable of doing their own probing analysis to search for what they require in a simple and precise manner.


Every member of the organisation will be able to make decisions anywhere and everywhere and will also be able to examine core metrics and can easily make informed decisions.


How business intelligence and analytics useful for your business?
In a nut shell, Business Intelligence is the sub set of Business analytics and it is useful for business to make the right and informed decisions. They are set of processes and techniques mainly used to evaluate data to enhance business feat through end to end decision making. It has become one of the key functional requirement in almost all the companies; this tool creates opportunities for companies to understand and participate in the market efficiently.

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