Five Business Intelligence Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

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Given the innumerable wonders that business intelligence solutions can do for your company, it is no secret that organizations all around the world are implementing this remarkable technological innovation to boost the growth of their company and to attain a competitive advantage in the business market.

To reap the real benefits of business intelligence solution in your organization, it is very important that this solution be implemented within your organization in the best way possible. Often companies fail to implement business intelligence solutions within their company in an effective manner, thereby,deteriorating their chances of leaving their impact on the corporate world.

So, organizations need to step up their game when implementing BI solutions by avoiding the common glitches and mistakes that usually occur when an organization implements a BI solution.

Trying to figure out the efficient ways to have smooth implementation of BI within your organization is one of the most existential decisions to make. And it is quite confusing for organizations initially.

Therefore, to help clear away the befuddled thoughts and notions regarding BI implementation in your mind, here is a comprised list of top 5 mistakes to avoid while setting up a BI solution in your company.

1. Not taking user needs in consideration

User needs are very important to keep in mind while implementing business intelligence solution within an organization as it is the end-users who are eventually among the majority using the tools and features that BI solutions provides.

For BI implementation to succeed within an organization, it is indispensable to take into account what the user wants. And it is equally important to match up the product with the capabilities of the users. Because, if a user is not able to understand what a BI solution is trying to offer them then it is of no importance to the organization.

Users shall be able to access the BI solution in the least complicated way possible. And hence, denying users skills and requirements paves a way for failure of BI implementation.

2. Undefined business goals

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

This proverb serves as a solid advice to offer to an organization implementing a BI solution.

Organizations should always have a defined goal or aim in their mind before implementing a BI solution. Rushing into setting up a BI solution within an organization proves detrimental for a corporation as there is no specific business issue to address.

When there is a specific goal in mind that needs to get accomplished by an organization, then BI implementation is likely to succeed within such an organization.

Making sure what your business needs are can help you utilize a BI solution effectively.

3.Not providing proper training

For a company to make the most out of their BI systems, the highly important yet basic necessity is that the users should find it easy and comfortable to access these BI systems themselves. And for that to happen, it is essential to provide ample training to the users within an organization.

Investing the money to provide proper training to the users so that they can understand the complex nature of the BI software in the most efficient way possible ,helps in the successful implementation of BI solution within an organization which in turn enhances the progress of the company.

Time and money shall be invested to make the users feel familiar with BI. Otherwise, failure is certain to follow.

4. Data security issues

Data is very integral for any organization. It is data that drives the decision-making process of a company.

Heaps of data gets generated within an organization on a day-to-day basis. Hence, it only makes sense to pick up the most secure form of data storage possible. But often companies end up choosing inexpensive means of data storage to cut costs, which in turn leads to major security related issues in an organization.

From illegal access of data to losing valuable data, all of these security violation issues end up slowing down the company’s progress by a great amount and they also serve as significant barriers to the successful implementation of BI solutions.

Organizations should make it a priority to establish strong security plans to keep their valuable data well-protected so that BI solutions could be implemented successfully.

5. Selecting static and non-scalable BI solutions

An effective BI solution is the one which grows with time. It should meet the future needs and requirements. It should keep up with the latest and the future market trends. Choosing a BI solution like this greatly improves the performance of an organization.

Therefore, companies must make it a point to choose the BI solution very wisely.
Flexibility is of a great value when it comes to BI solution.

To avoid picking a BI solution that is finite or limited in its capabilities, an organization must stay informed about the updates and renewal of the BI software.

Picking up a static and non-scalable BI solution is likely to turn its back on you after sometime thereby leading to failure. So there you go, you’re wiser than before now. Business intelligence solutions helps your company keep up and improve its performance thus making them extremely desirable to organizations all around the world.

Hence, keep the above mentioned mistakes in mind and business intelligence implementation could be a very smooth-flowing process for your organization.


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