Four Common Retail Challenges and How BI Solutions can help

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Corporations all around the world are adopting Business Intelligence solutions these days. The reason for that is the incalculable benefits that BI solutions provide. BI solutions helps pick up the business progress of all kinds of industries. It helps give an insight into the raw data of an organization and helps them make well-informed business decisions by analyzing the raw data and uncovering valuable business information.

Business Intelligence has become a great part of retail industries all across the world as it helps them successfully and efficiently look out on the obstacles that the industry might face. It also helps them achieve their envisioned retail business goals.

It offers myriad of tools to organizations. From managing the large amount of data that it generates to effectually analyzing and integrating this data, which helps in enhancing the industry’s performance.

Just like every industry faces certain challenges, so does the retail industry. Listed below are the most common retail challenges that retail industry faces and how BI solutions help:

1. Out of stock problems

When products go out of stock, it does not reflect well on the company’s end. Nothing screams “we don’t understand what our consumers want” more than products going out of stock. So what’s the solution? Loading an inventory with items just to discard the out of stock issue is not only futile but also costs a lot. This is where Business Intelligence solutions help.

BI solutions helps provide useful business information which leads to better inventory management and does not create over-stock and under-stock issues. It gives you information regarding the top selling products in the market, helps identify patterns in customer demands and behavior, and keeps the organization updated with the latest trends. It leads to better business planning and effective management of inventory which in turn successfully satisfies the needs of the customers, leading to incredible business growth.
2. Competitive business market

Competition has become exceedingly high these days. To make an impact in the business market, it is central for retail organizations to have a competitive edge over their business rivals. This desire to surpass their rivals puts a lot of pressure on the retail industry. It could be really difficult to know where you stand in the business market. But with BI solutions in hand, figuring out your rank in the market becomes a relatively easier task.

BI tools not only help you identify where your organization stands in the business market, but also provides a lot of other really valuable advantages. These include, business performance management (BPM) which makes retail industry figure out their goals and helps them take measures to obtain these goals, tracking customer behavior and views. Also, it helps them analyze the areas where they are lacking by monitoring the sales performance of an organization in all aspects, which in turn, compels them to make improvement in those specific areas. It helps them make strategically important decisions, which are cost-effective and customer satisfying,thereby, keeping them ahead of the competition and helping them leave a huge impact in the market.
3. Inaccurate data

Large amount of data gets generated by retail industries every single day. And data is very integral to the industry as it helps them make major business decisions. But the extremely varying nature of generated data makes the data management and storage procedure very hard. From supplier information, selling and buying pattern to employee and inventory information, it is practically hard to keep track of all this important data. To prevent working on inaccurate data that could lead to incompetent data management, retail organizations make use of BI solutions.

BI solutions helps you with better data management, which in turn, segregates accurate data from inaccurate data to help an organization make better business decisions. Ad hoc reporting and regular data check, are all great ways how BI solution helps organization to work with accurate data, thereby improving the operational efficiency of an organization.
4. Ineffective management of multiple stores

Expanding a store by implementing multiple stores geographically offers variety of benefits like more public recognition, which in turn attracts more customers and takes your business to a new level. But, it could also pose a lot of problems. There is an added pressure to do well across all your stores, meet the needed profit goal for successful running of the stores, and to provide customer satisfaction.

Business Intelligence solutions saves the day by helping your organization get more bang for your buck. It provides organized planning and effective reporting benefits. It also provides actionable insights which lets you analyze the data to uncover the hidden data patterns, figure out the customer behavior and demands, and track your business sales across all stores, which in turn, leads to better management of multiple stores. It boosts the growth of the organization, and provides them a competitive edge.
Retail BI solutions have transformed the way retail stores operate across the globe. It helps them generate more revenue, attain more and new opportunities, make better decisions and improve their overall operational efficiency. It helps them leave an impact in the business market, and it sets them apart from the others. Given the countless comforts that BI solutions provide, it is no wonder that more and more organizations are picking it up.

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