7 Key features your BI & Analytics solution must have!

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Are you thinking of implementing a Business Intelligence solution?


Implementation of Business Intelligence solution includes various steps and tools. Depending upon your requirement various analytical tools help you to take your important decisions through data analysis, analytical processing and data mining. Business intelligence tools fulfill a comprehensive range of business data needs, but do you know before you select a BI & Analytics solution to implement in your business processes, what are the major key features you should keep in mind while getting the solution implemented, which eases your life and of course, decision making capabilities?

Here is the quick checklist,

Intuitiveness & Infrastructure
The intuitiveness, easy usage and simple implementation of BI infrastructure allow you to streamline work processes and ensure smooth workflow collaboration. Make sure, while finalizing on the scope of work you should always focus on the good UI and sensible reports and analytics dashboard, it should be indeed robust and intuitive. This is the basic & the most primary feature you should look at.


BI solution should be able to integrate the existing infrastructure including 3rd party data warehouses, internal SQL server configurations and other data sources. The integration will enable you to have a single platform, which indeed helps in taking fast decisions as all the data sources are connected and brings data to a single place to help you leverage the most out of your data.


One of the major features you should focus on is the reporting, the reporting format should be up & fine and should be able to manage the business requirements and should be comprehensive. In fact, you should take care that the customizable reports functionality should be available.


Dashboard Management
Having an interactive intuitive dashboard is always a key aspect of implementing the BI solution but always remember to keep a check on the having the different user access levels so that you can provide the interface to your employees to share the required information to ensure the easy collaboration with the team and can increase the productivity.


Predictive Analytics and Modeling
BI solution majorly helps you to analyze the data and trends by analyzing your previous data sets. But one capability which a BI solution must have is the predicting capabilities, it enables the decision makers to predict the market trends, and other business requirements like sales, staffing, market trends etc.


Business Intelligence software having an API pushes the data directly into your existing system. In a nutshell, this makes it easy to integrate and enables to be platforms agnostic.


Satisfying your current and future business needs
This can be one of the key factors in the implementation of a BI solution that it should be able to satisfy your current business needs along with this it should be able to satisfy your future business needs. So, that when the business scales your BI solution should be able to adapt the scalability and be easy to customize based on your future business needs.


As many organizations takes benefit from actionable, understandable data they are using to optimize business operations as BI streamlines operations, reduces workloads, and improves productivity and of course helps you to understand and achieves all this through the above mentioned critical BI capabilities. So, when next time when you are looking for a BI solution consider the above capabilities and make the most out of it.


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