UAE Petroleum Oil Company

Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry

This is the largest Petroleum Supplying Company in Dubai. Design Develop and Implementation of Business Intelligence Solution.


Has Multiple Lines of Business like Fuel, Bakeria, Super Market, Aviation Fuels.
Data was not integrated across Different Lines of Business.
No Integrated Reporting and Analysis System available for Decision Making.
There was lot of Manual work Involved in getting Consolidated Financial Statements, which Used to Delay the Decision Making.

Services Provided

Oracle Financials ERP.
Document the Process. Design Develop the Data warehouse.
ETL using Datamanager. Design and Develop the Cubes Data security for Different Locations.
Automation of the Reporting System. Provided Data Security based on Domain and Management Hierarchy.
Data security for Different Locations.
Provided Data Security based on Domain and Management Hierarchy.

Key Benefits

Thinklayer Provided Complete BI Solution with Cognos and Datamanager.
Developed and Implemented Reports and Cubes across domains like Purchasing, Sales and Finance.

Provided the Accurate data from ERP(s) for Analysis which helped in getting Accurate Consolidated Financials. Developed Consolidated Dashboards with drill downs, which helped to identify the AR aging and Bad Customers.

Make your important business decision with a data driven approach, How?

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