Large Supply Chain Firm | Supply Chain Analytics

Analytics for Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Creation of a data warehouse to integrate reservations, transactions, expenses, commissions, revenues to provide 360 degrees view of their travel analytical requirements.
Also provide Marketing Campaign Analytics, Market trend analytics, Customer segmentation.


Huge amounts of data from different desperate systems. This data was structured and un-structured. We processed data using ETL’s and brought them to data warehouse.

Integrating API’s the data was brought from various API systems like Google Doubleclick, Advertising, Criteo, Yahoo Gemini, Bing Advertising and various mail systems. Thinklayer developed custom processes to bring the data to data warehousing systems and then visualize them using visualization tools.

Thinklayer took various sessions with client understanding their business requirement and with our domain experts brought those business requirement to reports and dashboard visualization.

Technologies Used

ETL technologies used were Talend. Datawarehouse was built using MySQL, Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Pig and Visualization tool used was Tableau.

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