Ultimate Data Warehouse Solutions to make Better Business Decisions

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Data Warehousing Market size hiked above USD 13 billion globally in 2018. It is estimated to grow at over 12% CAGR between 2019 and 2025. Businesses use their resources to gain profit by generating higher revenues through data warehouse solutions. They have a motive to achieve growth, stability, and efficiency.

Every company is considering data as a key resource. Data is not only essential for attaining their general business objectives but also for being more competitive. Future predictions made through Data Analytics also help businesses to survive market jolts.

Business intelligence and Data analytics software help to make effective business decisions. This BI software needs a consolidated source of data for providing better results. Consequently, this source of data is the data warehouse. Here we will discuss some of the brilliant solutions that will help businesses grow.

What is the solution for effective data warehousing?

A data warehouse solution is a software designed to centralize the integrated data from different sources into a single storage. It works on upgraded technologies. It has multiple components for facilitating data extraction.

Benefits of Data Warehouse

A data warehouse behaves as secure storage of data. It helps a business to use data strategically.

  • Provide insights to extensive storage of historical data of the company.
  • Conversion of store data into a high-quality format.
  • Help businesses generate reports without much technical assistance.
  • Improve the store data analytics performance.
  • More revenue generation through better decision-making.

Ultimate Data Warehouse Solutions for businesses in 2021

A data warehousing software can pay for its cost with a high return on investment by helping a company organize its data in a better manner. Understanding data and gaining insights helps businesses to make intelligent decisions. It also provides a structure where you can integrate other systems such as BI.

It should also be able to integrate AI, either on-premise or in the public clouds. Also, it allows users to work on accurate data for reporting, visualization, analytic capabilities, advanced analytics, or machine learning. Here is a list of ultimate data warehouse software that will help your business in making good decisions.

IBM Data Warehouse

  • IBM include integrated appliance products
  • It supports both cloud-based as well as on-premise access.
  • It includes built-in AI for faster analytics.
  • An SQL engine for queries and deep analysis.
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse is a cloud-based, fully managed data warehouse.
  • It offers scalable storage and computing resources.
  • Also, it has optimized columnar data storage, in-memory processing, and actionable compression.
  • IBM Netezza Performance Server is an advanced data warehouse solution deployed on both cloud and on-premise.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Oracle Autonomous is a fully managed database that is optimized for big data.
  • It is a cloud data warehouse service that automates configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, and repairing a data warehouse.
  • Enables simpler queries across multiple data types for higher query performance.
  • It has a broad set of converged database capabilities.
  • Also perform machine learning analysis, simple data loading, and data visualizations.

Google BigQuery

  • It is a cost-effective cloud data warehouse software but highly scalable too.
  • It uses ANSI SQL to analyze petabytes of data at high speed.
  • Real-time streaming of data is also possible through its queries.
  • You can get up-to-date information and hence predict business outcomes.
  • It helps to create reports & dashboards to operate data efficiently.
  • It also allows sharing of reports securely across the organization.

Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics is a data analytics service.
  • It offers data integration, data warehousing solutions, and big data analytics.
  • It is certainly a scalable solution that can deliver quick and fast insights.
  • Users can apply machine learning models consequently getting insights from all data.
  • It also offers advanced security and privacy features such as dynamic data masking.
  • It is one of the best choices for data engineers, data scientists as well as business analysts.

Amazon Redshift

  • Redshift is Amazon’s Cloud data warehouse software.
  • Users can create queries and combine exabytes of structured query data.
  • Users can cross data warehouses, data lakes, and operational databases using SQL.
  • The software is useful for business intelligence as well as for operational analytics on events.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • It is an intuitive solution that allows businesses to make better data-driven decisions.
  • It provides the data warehouse as a service layer.
  • Connect, transform and visualize data in an easier way.
  • SAP HANA in-memory technology.
  • An enterprise-ready data warehouse that delivers real-time insights.
  • It also includes data management capabilities, natural language translation, and security.
  • It also offers data governance functionalities.


  • Snowflake is a cloud platform for shared data.
  • It promotes a single cloud data platform that connects data sources and data users.
  • It allows users to run many workloads simultaneously.
  • Aside from a data warehouse, it can serve data lakes for both structured and unstructured data.
  • We can also use data science, data applications, and data sharing on this platform.
  • It is a single location to be compliant with data privacy regulations hence creating modern integrated data apps.


  • Stores and accesses all your business data.
  • It can also access data from multiple sources.
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) features.
  • Automatically transform NoSQL data therefore helps in syncing and parsing CSV, XLS, JSON.
  • It can log files into easy-to-access tables.
  • It also supports the live data warehouse feature for quick access.

Teradata Vantage

  • It is a cloud data analytics platform.
  • It allows users to unify data warehouses, data analytics, and new data sources.
  • Users can utilize their data for making business predictions.
  • It comprises built-in AI and machine learning.

Let’s Sum Up

Now, you are aware of the topmost solutions that will help your business to make better decisions. You can choose any one of them as every cloud data warehouse solution has its unique features. Ultimately use these tools for making better decisions for your business. We at Thinklayer are delivering a Data warehousing Architecture Model for fast and agile solutions for addressing current and future business needs.

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